Fiddleink is the private press of Brian Scott Bagdonas. Focusing on types and ornamentation cast on a restored 1946 Model 31 Linotype machine, Fiddleink print-work celebrates the tools and techniques of commercial craft letterpress printing from the pre-microchip, pre-digital era.

Brian Scott Bagdonas is a founder-owner-worker at Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative and a board member and volunteer at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry. When he is not laying down ink, occasionally he can be heard playing fiddle tunes and string band music with friends in the dark corners of pubs around Portland, Oregon. 

Like traditional fiddle melodies cherished by generations, hand-built print compositions also hold a timeless beauty, one that transcends the noise of insta-gratification and explores a connection to a richer human experience. Fiddleink!